JL3 has developed machines that address all your previous unfulfilled needs in the market. Closing cartons with water-activated tapes has become faster and easier. JL3 is a leading brand in water-activated tape dispensers thanks to unmatched innovation, quality, design,and reliability. We have 7 types water-activated tape dispensers, they are PLC cutting,manually cutting and hand pull for cutting.

Hot-selling item: KN -366 series dispenser

The visible Intelligent Computerized Numerical Control operation interface, enable the program setting with ease.

◆ The infrared sensor function, turns customization and user-friendly tape sealing into reality.

◆ It is applicable to 100V~220V, not subject to international regional voltage restrictions.

◆ For KN-366BHP model, its built-in large-capacity lithium battery, to ensure the smooth operation in case there is no power access or temporary power outage in the workplace.

◆ Model KN-366H/KN-366HP/KN-366HL, equipped with constant temperature heater assembly, to ensure the dispenser initiates work quickly in extremely cold environment, to make sure of the excellent adhesiveness of the tape sealing, save much time and improve work efficiency.

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