Five Types Of Fiberglass Tape
Apr 07 , 2020

There are five types of glass fiber tapes according to their types, and what are their uses.

1. Glass fiber thermal insulation tape is a kind of fiber tape, which has good thermal insulation, heat preservation, and anti-corrosion performance. Fiber tape is made of glass fiber roving or bulky glass fiber yarn, which is applicable For winding high-temperature pipe fittings, such as electric heating wire and cable.

2. Silicone rubber glass fiber protective heat insulation tape, which is a fiber tape made of thick silicon rubber coated on the glass fiber blank. The fiber tape can be used to wrap cables and other heating elements and plays a role in heat insulation.

3. Glass fiber anti-radiation heat-preservation and heat-insulation tape. The production of this kind of fiber tape is especially thick, which is generally thick. In addition to the above two types of performance, fiber tape has insulation and anticorrosive effects.

4. Silicone rubber self-adhesive tape. The double-sided tape made of this kind has good adhesiveness. It is designed to be self-adhesive and solidify. The fiber tape can form a water-tight insulation layer, which can prevent the penetration of oil and pollutants Internal woven layer.

Different types of Fiberglass Filament tapes have different functions.

Glass cloth high-temperature resistant tape is made of high-quality high-density alkali-free glass cloth, 3M double-sided tape is coated with imported silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side, and processed by high temperature. The product has good temperature resistance (-50 ℃ ~ 200 ℃), strong adhesion, strong tear resistance, solvent resistance, and other characteristics. It is used for high-strength insulation such as H-class heat-resistant insulation banding, flexible circuit board, and ceramic component fixing. protection. Photoelectric die-cutting is the most heat-resistant and toughest in textile products, and can effectively absorb electrical insulation paint and resin. The binding capacity of glass cloth tape is extremely high, and it can withstand the high temperature of 200 ℃. Adhesive tape with tear resistance, good conformability, high-temperature flame retardant adhesive; used for coil encapsulation and fixation, and used as the core, outer layer, and insulation between wires; high-temperature adhesive tape can basically replace 3M-69, P212 in performance, TESA4618 and other imported glass cloth tape.

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