Characteristics Of Glass Fiber Tape
Apr 07 , 2020

Glass fiber tape is an adhesive product made of PET film as the base material and woven with glass fiber or polyester fiber. Fiber tape manufacturers

Features: plastic fiber-reinforced backing material, extremely high tensile strength, high abrasion resistance, and moisture resistance, good shape, strong tensile strength, anti-friction, high-temperature resistance, solvent resistance, insulation, flame resistance, etc. , Strong adhesion, perfect packaging effect and not easy to lose. It has a wide range of uses and many characteristics and can use the most economical portion to achieve the best packaging benefits.

Thickness: 0.16 (mm) Glue: acrylic Initial adhesion:> = 10N / 25mm

Holding force:> = 30 (Hrs) Elongation: 180 (%) Temperature resistance: 120 degrees

Product classification: ◆ Fiber We have a single-line type, double-line type, and mesh type fiber.

◆ Glue coated with hot melt adhesive, acrylic, rubber according to different requirements

◆ Thickness can be adjusted according to the weight and material of the package. The thickness of the fiber tape can be adjusted. High temperature resistant Teflon tape

◆ Special specifications can be made into mother rolls, cut into small rolls, long rolls, and other specifications according to customer requirements.

◆ -Viscosity is divided into low-viscosity, medium-viscosity, high-viscosity, residual glue, and transfer glue according to different uses to meet the requirements of different customers.

Uses: The fiber tape is used for coil packaging and fixing, as well as carton repackaging, household appliances washing machines, refrigerators, metal, and wooden furniture packaging. It can be printed on the surface, and can effectively absorb resin and electrical insulation paint.

Glass fiber cloth tape has the characteristics of strong tensile force, anti-friction, high-temperature resistance, solvent resistance, insulation, and good flame resistance.

Glass fiber cloth is based on imported high-density alkali-free glass fiber cloth. It is suitable for transformers, high-temperature equipment, air conditioner contractors, coil wrapping and motors, and other high-temperature special environment applications. Performance, insulation, flame resistance, and other characteristics.

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