How To Use Glass Fiber Self-adhesive Tape
Dec 30 , 2019
Construction method:
1. Keep the wall clean and dry.
2. Stick the tape on the crack and squeeze it tightly.
3. Make sure that the gap is covered with tape, then cut off the tape with a knife, and finally apply mortar.
4. Let it air dry, then lightly sand it.
5. Fill enough paint to make the surface smooth.

6. Cut off the leaked tape. Then, notice that all cracks have been properly repaired, and the surrounding area of the joints is modified with fine composite material to make it as clean as new.

Glass fiber mesh cloth is based on glass fiber is woven fabric and is coated with polymer anti-emulsion coating. As a result, it has good alkali-resistance, flexibility, and high tensile strength in the warp and weft directions, and can be widely used in building interior and exterior wall insulation, waterproofing, and crack resistance.

Glass fiber mesh cloth is mainly alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth. It is made of medium-alkali-free glass fiber yarn (the main component is silicate and has good chemical stability). After the high-temperature heat setting treatment such as anti-alkali solution, reinforcing agent.

Main performance and characteristics:
1. Good chemical stability. Alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, cement erosion resistance, and other chemical corrosion resistance; strong adhesion to resin, easily soluble in styrene, etc.
2. High strength, high modulus, and lightweight.
3. Good dimensional stability, stiffness, flatness, not easy to shrink and deform, good positioning.
4. Good impact resistance. (Due to high strength and good toughness)
5, anti-mildew, insect-proof.

6. Fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation, and insulation.

The main uses are widely used in:
1) Wall reinforcement materials (such as glass fiber wall mesh, GRC wall panels, EPS inner and outer wall insulation boards, gypsum boards, etc.
2) reinforced cement products (such as Roman columns, flues, etc.),
3) Granite, mosaic special mesh, marble back net,
4) Waterproof membrane cloth, asphalt roof waterproofing,
5) Reinforced plastic and rubber products
6) Fireboard,
7) Grinding wheelbase cloth,
8) Geogrid for highway pavement,
9) caulking tape for construction, etc.
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