Water Activated Paper Tape With 3 Nylon Yarn

Thickness: 4.7 mils / Tensile MD:  180 N/25mm
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  • Item No.:

  • Color:

  • Adhesive:

    Starch Adhesive
  • Backing:

    70 g/m² Kraft Paper
  • Reinforcement:

    Nylon Yarn
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Product Features

The Water Activated Tape from JL3 is mainly made of high-density kraft paper. It is a green  environmental protection product, cause its base material and adhesive will not cause pollution to the environment and can be recycled with the package. The customization of different colors and trademarks can be done according to customer needs.

Product TDS

Physical Properties Standard Metric

Test Method



Water-Activated Adhesive Starch Adhesive
Total Thickness 4.7 mils 0.12 mm ASTM D-3652 GB/T7125
Tensile Strength MD 40 lbs/in 180 N/25mm ASTM D-3759 GB/T7753
CD 12 lbs/in 55 N/25mm ASTM D-3759 GB/T7753
Reinforcement  MD

  72mm 140 (1-1-1) Nylon Yarn

Backing 70 g/m² Kraft Paper

Product Application & Advantages

Secure Bond - our starch based adhesive aggressively bonds to corrugated cartons, even in dusty or dirty environments. 

Custom Printed - advertise your company and products, provide directions for freight handlers and improve the appearance of your package. 

All-Weather Use - not affected by extreme hot or cold temperature. Protection - a carton sealed with water-activated tape can’t be opened without leaving a broken seal. 

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