Job title : Overseas Salesperson (English)
Workplace : Songjiang, Shanghai
Job Description:

According to the sales targets set by the company, the salesperson will carry out foreign trade business, expand overseas markets, develop and maintain foreign customers.

Job Requirements:

1. Education: Bachelor degree or above.

2. Major: International Economics and Trade, Business English, International Logistics and other related majors.

3. Language requirements: CET-6 or TEM-4, Spanish major can also be considered.

4. Work experience: 2 years and above independent development experience for foreign customers. (Excellent fresh graduates can also be considered)

5. Job skills:

1). Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

2). Familiar with foreign trade process; understanding the domestic and foreign dynamics of the industry is preferable;

3). With good customer development skills, and capable to follow orders and to develop new customers;

4). Familiar with international exhibitions, Alibaba, B2B, customs data, Google and other platform customer development;

5). With excellent coodinative as well as communicative skills and overall planning skills;

6). Have a deeper perspecive on sales, good market judgment and development ability;

7). Good customer service awareness;

8). Cheerful personality, good communication skills, and affinity;

9). Good logical thinking, pragmatic and persevering; have a team spirit;

10). Have a certain adaptability, grasp customer needs, take the initiative to develop, can withstand a certain amount of work pressure, and actively complete the task indicators assigned by the superior;

11). Have a strong sense of work responsibility, loyalty and perseverance and patience, and strictly observe confidentiality;

12). Have excellent communication and coordination skills, excellent overall quality, good at public relations, strong negotiation skills and adaptability.

6. Quality requirements: Customer development and maintenance ability, planning ability, communication ability, coordination ability, judgment ability, analysis ability, public relations ability, teamwork ability.

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