Job title : Overseas Operating Director
Workplace : G.A. USA / Europe / India

Job Description: 

Based on the operating and developing strategy of the company, make and carry out marketing and sales plans. Professional Management and leadership in overseas department overall planning, as well as in subordinate training, assessment, etc. to ensure the completion of sales target.  

Job Requirements:

1. Education: Bachelor degree or above. 

2. Major: International Economics and Trade, Business English, International Logistics and other related majors.

3. Language requirements: CET-6 or TEM-4.

4. Work experience: 8 years and above overseas sales experience with 3 years and above experience of Sales Director. 

5. Job skills:

1) Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

2) Familiar with foreign trade process; aware of domestic and foreign dynamics of the industry;

3) Have a deeper understanding on sales work, excellent judgement ability, negotiation skills, team construction and management ability. 

4) With a strong sense of work responsibility, loyalty, perseverance and patience, and observe the code of confidentiality of the company.

5) Decisive, excellent communication and coordination skills, outstanding personal quality, good at public relations, strong negotiation skills and adaptability; 

6) The ideas and concepts remain consistent with the company's business objectives and policies. Strong sense of responsibility, focusing on company profits.
6. Quality requirements: leadership skills, organizational ability, planning ability, communication skills, coordination ability, judgment ability, analysis ability, public relations ability, teamwork ability.

Job Responsibilities: 

1. Sales target formulation: based on the company's business development plan, formulate annual sales targets and target decomposition, and organize implementation after approval by the board of directors.

2. Department policy conducting: drafting the relevant management procedures and SOPs for Overseas Department, and carry out the operating after approval by the board of directors.

3. Department and team management:

1) Mentor and nourish the subordinates and team with profession, organize department training regularly to strengthen individual business skills;

2) Coordinate smoothly between Overseas Department and other departments in the company, build an efficient and pleasant leader role of the team. 

4. Implement and supervise the marketing positioning plans:

1) Lead and conduct sales team with the marketing plans efficiently;

2) Organize the team with various of marketing positioning plans or activities according to different areas or regions strategically. 

5. Business development approaches and guidance:

1) Develop targeted markets with profession and effective measures, especially towards key clients.

2) Expert in new customer development as well as patron business relationship maintenance.

3) Distributor and project management policy formulation and implementation. 

6. Contract reviewing: approval on business contracts, to ensure the integrity of the benefits between customers and company. 

7. Fund administration of the department. 

1) Ensure the funds are used reasonably and necessarily, monitor and control the expenditure closely. 

2) Supervise funds to be received, to ensure the security receipt of all funds. 

8. Entertainment for clients visits: guide and assist salespersons, participate in the reception when there are key accounts, organize important business negotiations. 

9. Abnormal orders management including customer complaints: 

1) Guidance on the decision making for the abnormal orders, whereas the special purchasing or cancellation of orders process might be needed to be implemented. 

2) Assist the salespersons on the complaints of key accounts for the mail skills. 

10. Planning and organization of participation in exhibitions and trade shows, including working schedules and promotional activities. 

11. Assistance in new product line development: consult and provide necessary suggestions to the R & D Department to achieve successful development in order to meet customer’s needs. 

12. Communication and coordination: ensure cross-departmental issues are performed efficiently and smoothly.

13. Other responsibilities: accomplish occasional tasks assigned by the superior including cross-departmental coordination duty. 

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