Job title : Marketing Director
Workplace : G.A. USA / Europe / India

Job Responsibilities:

  • 1. Work  out market research, analyze the competition environment of target market, plan and develop sales & marketing policy, sales goal and implement schemes of target  market in accordance with the group’s annual strategy, operational planning of international business unit as well as international sales quota.

  • 2. Responsible for the development and maintenance works of project agent and direct sales channels on target market.

  • 1) Effectively manage on sales network planning and target market development.

  • 2) Break down of project sales target, develop the realization of agents or direct  projects goal via marketing tools.

  • 3) Coordinate with the marketing activities, including various marketing promotions, supervise the creations and marketing collaterals.

  • 4) Assist the international marketing department with product planning and promotions.

3. Requirements:
  • 1) Bachelor or above degree, fluency in English or the lingua franca on the target market.

  • 2) More than 5 years experience in international sales and marketing area , with professional management experience in marketing, experience in international adhesive tape field is preferred.

  • 3) With excellent marketing management skills of domestic brands on international market, be familiar with international sales strategy planning as well as pros and cons of different operational modes.

  • 4) Familiar with marketing related, such as market research, channel establishment, market development , sales management, brand promotion, etc.

  • 5) With outstanding planning, coordinating, organizational skills, be sensitive to the market, has the ability to seek , analyze and solve problems.

  • 6) Effectively manage agents/resellers, develop and implement sales policies and plans.

  • 7) Expert with international trade regulations and relevant trade barriers.

  • 8) Prioritize to the experienced ones in the adhesive tape industry.

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