Thickness: 7.9 mils / Tensile:  45 lbs/in
  • Item No.:

  • Payment:

    T/T. L/C, D/P etc.
  • Backing:

    Glassine Paper
  • Reinforcement:

  • Adhesive:

    Synthetic Rubber
  • Peel Adhesion:

    72 oz/in
  • Product Details

Product Features

JLW-323 is a yellow and reinforced bi-directional double-sided filament tape. Glass fiber contributes higher tensile strength and improved synthetic rubber delivers stronger adhesion; generating bi-directionally strengthened effect; high resistance to abrasion; impact resistance and high holding


Physical Properties Standard     Metric Test Method
Reinforcement Fiberglass
Adhesive Synthetic Rubber
Backing Glassine Paper
Color Yellow
Total Thickness 7.9 mils 0.20 mm ASTM D-3652 GB/T7125
Peel Adhesion 90°  72 oz/in  20 N/25mm  ASTM D-3330  GB/T2792
Holding Power ≥24 h ≥24 h ASTM D-3654  GB/T4851
Tensile strength 45 lbs/in 200 N/25mm ASTM D-3759 GB/T7753
Elongation at break 5-7 % 5-7 % ASTM D-3759  GB/T7753
Service Tem. - Mini 23℉ -5 BC/BD-220SE BC/BD-220SE
Service Tem. - Max  158 70 DHG-9055A DHG-9055A

Product Application

Suitable for the adhesion to insulation layer of floor; plastic articles; foam; textiles; non-weaving fabrics and PU.   

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