How To Choose Fiber Tape
Dec 30 , 2019
At present, the quality of fiber tapes on the market is uneven, and the requirements for high strength and no residue of fiber tapes are becoming higher and higher. Manufacturers are also increasing. It is important to choose fiber tape manufacturers, so what needs attention when identifying fiber tapes of?
1. Color: The fiber tape itself is mostly composed of a transparent PET polyester base film and white glass fiber yarn, coated with high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive.
2. The overall color is white. Some manufacturers use low-quality glue for the lowest cost. The stability is not good and it is easy to age and turn yellow.
3. General fiber tape is recommended to be used for half a year, etc. It needs to be placed in a dry and ventilated room temperature environment (about 25 degrees Celsius).
4. Flat rubber surface: uneven rubber surface will cause uneven distribution of stickiness, and wrinkles and springs will appear during use.
5. Straightness of the fiber yarn: The straightness of the yarn directly affects the tensile strength of the fiber tape, which will have serious consequences for the current heavy goods packaging and strapping industry, especially the steel strapping industry.

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