Our double sided filament tape is reinforced with high tensile glass fiber, coated with different glue to meet the requirements of different applications, with the characteristics of anti stretching, flame retardant, high viscosity; Widely applied in the self-adhesion of decoration articles, foam sealing strip of windows and doors, material flat-fell seam, plate lamination etc.

·  JLW-323, JLW-313A, JLW-313: self-adhesion of decoration articles, insulation layer of floor, rubber products, foam, textiles, auto interior, non-weaving fabrics, bags and suitcases, tag, leather, aluminum board and wooden ornament, and the strip sealing of windows and doors.

·  JLW-316BG, JLW-323B-1: Used in fireproof materials, mainly for foam sealing strip of fireproof doors and windows.

·  JLW-315C, JLW-315: Mostly used for the joint of sports floor, rubber products.

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