Water Activated Paper Tape JLN-4150

Water Activated Paper Tape JLN-4150

JLN-4150 Water-a​ctivated reinforced kraft paper tape is a green environmental protection product, is the national and provincial new products, and its base material and adhesive will not cause pollution to the environment and can recycling use with the packaging. It is mainly used to replace pressure sensitive adhesive tape, etc. Used for carton sealing.

Product Details

Our water activated gummed tapes are made with the highest quality raw materials. Any of these printed gummed tape grades from JL3 Brand Tape Printers protects your packages and keeps your company's name visible. Using our printed tape will provide exceptional security for your packages and will help prevent pilferage. Further, your customers will identify your package as soon as it's received.


  • Protection: Packages sealed with water activated tape can’t be opened without leaving a broken seal. This will deter stealing and will keep your packages safe.

  • Custom Imprinting: Your brand is everything, and you want people to know about your company. Instead of the pricier option of customizing boxes, what about customizing your tape. Hmm if only I could think of "A" company that does this very well for an example. Well, it's a "jungle" out there and using water activated tape is one way to get your brand noticed. 

  • Better, faster, stronger than pressure-sensitive packing tape

  • Retains integrity if punctured

  • Only one strip is needed to produce a sturdy seal

  • Recyclable


    Physical PropertiesStandardMetricTest Method
    Laminating AdhesiveHot Melt Adhesive: 20 g/㎡
    Water-Activated AdhesiveStarch Adhesive: 24 g/㎡
    Total Thickness5.9 mils0.15 mmASTM D-3652GB/T7125
    Tensile StrengthMD55 lbs/in245 N/25mmASTM D-3759GB/T7753
    CD24 lbs/in108 N/25mmASTM D-3759GB/T7753
    ReinforcementMD(1-1-1-1-1) 110 Fiberglass per 72mm
    CD(1-1-1-1) 150 Fiberglass, 1” spacing, at 45° angle
    BackingTop Ply:23 lb(37 g/㎡)Natural Kraft Paper (virgin fibers
    Bottom Ply:23 lb(37 g/㎡)Natural Kraft Paper (virgin fibers)

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