JLN-4150 Kraft Paper Tape

JLN-4150 Kraft Paper Tape

Description of Custom Kraft Paper Tape JLN-4150 Water-activated reinforced kraft paper tape is a green environmental protection product, is the national and provincial new products, and its base material and adhesive will not cause pollution to the environment and can recycling use with the...

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Description of  Kraft Paper Tape

Reinforced water activated tapes are designed to bring consistent performance in carton sealing applications where durability, extra strength and reliability are required. Extra strong fiberglass yarns are bonded between the high tensile strength sheets for an extra measure of strength.


It is a green environmental protection product, cause its base material and adhesive will not cause pollution to the environment and can be recycled with the package, mainly used to replace pressure sensitive adhesive tape, etc. Used for carton sealing.

Parameter of Kraft Paper Tape JLN-4150


Use Method of Custom Kraft Paper Tape  

Only use damp cloth or sponge wet wipe the face with adhesive (or the part which need be pasted up) then can paste up. Can not wipe too much water or wipe water again and again, press it after paste up. Or use the machine which is specialized in wipe water.

Images of Custom Kraft Paper Tape

Carton Sealing TapeReinforced Shipping Tape
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Custom Printed Packing TapeKraft Shipping Tape

Benefits of Custom Kraft Paper Tape 

· Water-activated tape provides a tamper-evident seal that discourages theft.

· Water-activated tape creates such a strong seal, you only need to use one strip of tape.

· Water-activated tape is applied using a tape dispenser, not a hand-held tape gun that can create repetitive motion stresses.

· Water-activated tape can be used in dusty, dirty, cold and hot environments and will retain its seal.

   ·Water-activated tape is recyclable, biodegradable and repulpable

Company Information

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Q1: What’s your main market?

Americas and Southeast Asia.

Q2: If you samples can be freely provied?


The sample can be freey provided, but the courier cost should be on the buyers' side.

The courier cost can also be refunded if you place order with us.

Q3:How many pallets can fit in one container?

10 pallets per 20'GP, 20 pallets per 40'GP

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