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The Invention Process Of The Tape

- Dec 22, 2017 -

Richard Dru invented the Scotch tape in 1928 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Tape according to his efficacy can be divided into: high-temperature tape, double-sided tape, insulation tape, special tape, pressure sensitive tape, die-cutting tape, different effects suitable for different industry needs. Adhesive tape on the surface of a layer of adhesive, in order to make tape stick goods, the earliest adhesive from animals and plants, in 19th century, rubber is the main ingredient of the adhesive, and modern use of a wide range of polymers.

The 1928 Scotch tape Richard Dru, St. Paul, Minnesota, May 30, 1928, in Britain and the United States to apply, drew developed a very light, one pressure, the glue, the initial attempt is not sticky enough, and so draw was told: "Take this thing back to your Scottish bosses, They need more glue! ("Scotland" means "stingy".) But during the Great Depression, people found hundreds of uses for the tape, from mending clothes to protecting broken eggs.

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