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Characteristics And Application Of Fiberglass Adhesive Tape

- Dec 22, 2017 -

Glass fiber tape to electrical grade transparent polyester film back high strength glass fiber for composite substrate, single-sided coating special thermosetting synthetic rubber Pressure sensitive adhesive ribbon. Fiberglass tape has high tensile strength, high viscosity, insulation, no transfer and excellent high-temperature resistance and solvent resistance.

Glass Fiber Tape Application: Fiberglass tape is mainly used in transformer coil, cable wire core insulation winding reinforced, electric motor, heavy equipment, coil bandage and kinescope explosion-proof, LCD plasma panel fastening and fixed insulation function.

Glass fiber Tape Features: glass fiber tape high temperature, oil-resistant, mineral oil, ultra-high tensile strength, used as a construction belt, is the assistant winding machine. In the 120-degree environment can last 3 hours, 150 degrees can last 1 hours, glass fiber tape with high-strength, high insulation, no residual plastic, not transfer, strong adhesion and other comprehensive excellent performance, products in line with RoHS environmental protection requirements.

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